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Akky offers you 2 Additional Services types:

Domain Name Additional Services

These services are related directly with the manage of the domain name.

Online Presence
Advanced Security
SMS Alerts
Custom DNS

Others Additional Services

The services in this category are related directly with your user account and it will allow to hire useful tools to complement your presence on Internet.

Pagevamp (Websites Creator)

Online Presence

This service is useful for those who want to have a presence in basic Internet instantly, through which you can select between:










Website service allows you to select a design template to give you an instant web page associated with your domain name.

You can even customize the content template according to your needs through the HTML text editor.

This page allows you to have instant online presence so your customers, friends, etc., by typing the web address with your domain name, you can view your website. For recruitment click here

SMS Alerts

Through this service you will be informed of the operations to domain name registrations, of your choice, via SMS whenever they are carried out any operations that following mention:

Domain Modifications.
Domain Eliminations.
Transfers (Akky Domain's toward other Registrars Accredited).
Payment Notices.

For this service will need to tell us your user, your mobile phone number, cellular company and time you prefer we send you these alerts.

With this service you get the following benefits:

We will keep you informed of the management operations performed on the domains.

Messages are sent in the time you indicate.

View the registration fee Here

Advanced Security

By hiring this service protected domain of modifications, transfers and Deletes unwanted.

The relevance of some domain names, demands a different management level. With this service any domain update, transfer requests and deletion requests may be processed only after the authentication process.

This service can recruit the time of the domain name registration or by accessing the Control Panel in the Additional Services section by clicking on the option "Contract".

View the registration fee here

For comments or further questions, please send an email to the following address: where we will be pleased to assist you.

Custom DNS

When contracting this service you can make custom settings for the DNS records according to your needs, the DNS zone for your domain will be hosted on AKKY's servers, providing security, reliability and speed to the queries made to your domain name.

The benefits offered by having your Custom DNS with Akky are:

Custom Settings

Akky gives you an easy and intuitive interface, with which you will make your own settings for the DNS records according to your needs, allowing you among other things:

Redirect your domain to your web hosting provider.

Configure email servers to external services like Google Apps.

Include SPF records, which identify the mail servers that can send messages on behalf of your domain.

Use your domain with cloud services like Office 365 and more.

The types of records that can be configured are: A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV, TXT.

Speed and Performance

Custom DNS service minimizes the response time for users to find the website related to your domain name, minimizing the amount of errors "Page Not Found" which is mainly attributed to flaws in the DNS.


Akky infrastructure is replicated in different data centers and uses multiple servers (one primary and two secondary) which provides redundancy and capacity to your domain in order to receive a high number of queries to the DNS.

Additionally, Akky has a protection system against Denial of Service (DDoS) increasing the continuity of the website related to your domain name on the Internet.


Custom DNS service features DNSSEC, an advanced security system that protects users from being redirected to a malicious website attempting to get your data. Akky includes this protection automatically without additional configuration*.

* DNSSEC included on domains where its extension supports it.

You can verify the payable amount here.

Pagevamp service

Instantly create a Web site with the content on your Facebook page and relate it to your domain name with our Custom DNS service included for free. This service can be hired for any domain name even when it is administered by another domain registration company.

For you who already have a Facebook page and want to have a website, this is a very useful tool, because you can have website with the following features:

Attractive and updated


Linked to social networks


Whenever your Facebook page is modified, it will automatically update the website you build with Pagevamp, this will allow you to maintain the updated content and save time.

It is important to note that this service works with Facebook pages where you are the administrator and not with profiles, the difference between the two is that the pages contain the information available to the public, often related to businesses. By contrast, profiles are for personal usage and for individuals to connect with their friends and acquaintances.

Web sites created with Pagevamp are responsive, they will fit the mobile screen from the users who visit it.

Besides allowing you to link your website to your social networks, you can add e-commerce features, offering products or services and create newsletters for users of your site.

SEO feature is included on the websites you create with Pagevamp, this means that your page will have a better position in search sites like Google and Bing.

Get this service and take advantage of the introductory rate !

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