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Today many businesses are beginning to have an Online presence, since this media allows them to have access to thousands of users who use the Internet to find information, to obtain products and services, etc.

Educational institutions or non-profit have also great advantages to having an Online presence, they can use a Website for:

Educational Institutions Nonprofit Organizations

- To advertise the institution's educational offerings, for instance: degrees of study offered, curriculum, etc.

- An organization, through the website, can give out its mission and objectives.

- Post pictures of the facilities: gardens, classrooms, laboratories, gyms, etc.

- The organization may also submit relevant information of its industry, statistics, reports, etc.. to help visitors to its site to understand its reason for being (raison de être) and therefore understand the importance of the existence of it.

- Having an exclusive area for students and parents, to issue relevant information.

- Information on how to participate and / or collaborate.

- Post upcoming events to take place.

- If the organization conducts activities and events, in the website can give out the dates, places and objectives of each of them

- Post contact information: address, telephone number, location, etc.

- Also the website of an organization can serve as a public relations tool and disseminate press releases, make available information that is sent by magazines, brochures or printed newsletters, etc.

That is, the website can be a means of constant communication to the community. This mean can represent a cost savings as much information be published that otherwise would have to print and send. Furthermore, the information within a website can easily be updated whenever it is required.

As you know, the first step to have online presence is to register a domain if you are an Educational Institution the classification is,, and it is used for this purpose, remember what type of domains have no any cost at all.

If you are a Non-Profit Organization, classification is directed for you.

Check out the availability of the domain name that identifies your Educative Institution or the Nonprofit Organization you represent and provides the first step to have online presence.

If you have any comments or further questions, please send us an email to, where we will be pleased to assist you.

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