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Nowadays Internet is a tool used by millions of people. As a user, the Internet lets you stay informed and communicated, beside you can use it for fun, to meet people, to express yourself, etc. Having a website allows you to take actively part in the network, expressing your ideas, hobbies, sharing your family photos and your personal projects. Also, having your customized email, you have an address that can be directly related to your own identity, Idea or project.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can advertise your company or business to a large number of potential customers at a very low cost. Any your business activity or size is, the online presence is a tool that allows you to have global market potential available 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year.

To have online presence, follow these simple steps:

Register your name online.

The first step to have online presence is to register a domain name.
A domain name is the name used in your website or in your e-mail to identify in the Network.

To select your domain name, you can consider:
a) Your personal name or your family name
b) A project name you have with your friends
c) The club name you formed with your fellows
d) A topic of interest or hobby you have

How to register a domain name?

Your Website

On the Internet, information is presented through Web pages, which are actual files that are formed with a programming code. However, to have your web page no longer need to know how to programming, because there are many simple options to build it.

Before knowing the different options, it is necessary that you identify which are your needs, so we suggest you to do a short list of the information you would like to include, how often you would need to update the information and if you need to have on your website something else than just information and images.

Once you have your site or Web page developed, it is necessary to have a space to store pages composed for it. The hosting of the pages (also called hosting) is the service through which pages are stored on a server so they can be checked out.

We present below, two different options through which you can build and advertise your Web page:

Do-it-yourself Professional services

It is advisable if:

- Need a single page, containing mainly information and images.

You need a Website containing several pages.
You do not have time to develop your site.
Require or prefer professional help.

Who can help you?

Akky offers without cost, a website (1 template page) when you register your domain name

You will have Online presence when you register your domain name with us!

More information here.

Nowadays there are many providers for these services, evaluate their service offers and choose the one that suits the best for your needs.

Your customized email

The email is a communication way that enables you to receive and send immediately messages. Through the email you can keep communication with your friends, with your colleagues, with your clients and advise them to send you further information about your products and services, etc.

Having a customized email with your personal name your company name, your project or Friends Club enables you to have a proper and easy ID to remember.

Regardless of the email service you have, either an Online service provider or a free email service; you can use your customized email.

Addressing your current mailing address to a custom address

Hiring a custom mail service (includes mailbox)

It is recommended if:

If you have a free or generic email account, for example: or and you want to continue using it to check your emails.

If you want a customized email address with a mailbox with some storage space to store messages, which also allows you to, both, sending and receiving emails.

How can I get my address customized email account?

Akky offers for free, when you register your domain the possibility of addressing the customized email account (for example: to the email address you currently use.

To learn more about this service click here.

Nowadays, there are plenty of suppliers for these services, evaluate their service offers and choose the one that suits the best to your needs.

Promoting Your Website.

Once you have your published your web page with information relevant to your family, your customers, your friends or the general public, you can follow one of the following recommendations to help people locate your web page.

a) Register your site at the Search Engines and Online directories.
Currently most of the online users use search engines to locate the information they require. Therefore it is recommended that you include your site in the search engines.
b) Insert the URL of your webpage and your customize email on your business cards and in the signature of your email messages.
c) Invite to your family, to your clients and to your friends to visit your website.

If you have any doubt about how to have online presence, email us to: or use our help online service we will be pleased to assist you.

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