At the end of the payment periods set out in Akky Domain Name Policies, if the payment fee for domain name Registration or Renewal is not made, the domain passes to a status of Previous Elimination for 9 calendar days from the end of the time period set for Final Suspension status. Then, are Deleted permanently from Akky and subsequently, are subject to the time limits set by the corresponding TLD Registry, to be available for registration to general public.

In Akky, are 2 ways to restore domains name:

  1. Domain restore from Previous Elimination.
  2. Domain restore from Pending Elimination.

Both ways are performed by the Principal User assigned for the domain name, through the Control Panel.

Domain restore fees are published on our website in the Services section, under the Fees and Payment link. In addition to the restore fee, you also need to pay:

  1. The missing payment fee.
  2. The coverage extension for restore domain fee.

It's important for you to consider that restoring your domain, includes free a 1 year renewal extension.

However, considering that the domain payment period has expired, the only payment method available is Credit Card.

Here are the steps to follow to restore a domain name:

In the "Customer Login" section, from our homepage, access as the Principal User, once inside the Control Panel, go to "Domains" and then enter in "Restore Domain".

  • Select your domain

In this section you need to indicate the domain name you want to restore, mark the checkbox and then click on "Continue" button.

  • Make Payments.

We show you a list of the domain name that you chose to restore and the services description you will be paying, as the only payment method is Credit Card, the next to do is, choose the Payment Receipt type.

  • Payment Receipt

It's necessary that you indicate us the payment receipt data that will be included.

You need to accept the Acceptance Transfer of Ownership Rights to the Registrant and the Privacy Notice policies marking both checkboxes, then click on "Continue" button.

We'll display you on screen a graphic presentation of your payment receipt, please verify that your information is correct, if not, press the Back button an correct your information, if it's correct, click on "Pay" button.

  • Payment Confirmation Process

Finally, we'll confirm you that the restore process is completed.

For any comments or further questions, please send us an email to the following address:, where we'll be glad to assist you.