If you want to delete a Domain Name, log in as Primary User in the "Customer Login.” section on Akky's home page; once in the Control Panel click the “Domains" section and select the “Delete” option.

In the Delete option, enter the domain name you want to delete as well as its classification and click on the Continue button. Then, a confirmation message will appear: “Are you sure you want to delete the domain name?” where you can confirm the deletion by clicking the “Continue” button.

If in the Security Level of your user account you have set "Enable Authorization Code" it will be necessary for to make any changes that Akky send you an authorization code to the email account you have associated with your User, so you should click on the "Send to my email” button; once you get the code you should copy/paste it in the text box named “Code".

If you have domains with the additional Advanced Security service, you will have to cancel this service is through the Authentication process.

Once authenticated, you can request the authorization code via email so you can make all the changes you want.

Once the deletion has been authorized by the user, a confirmation message will be displayed: “Domain has been deleted.” An email confirming the deletion you made will be sent to you. However, the final deletion of a domain name will be made after expiry of the deadline stipulated by the corresponding Registry.

For more information about How to recover a deleted domain? We suggest reviewing Restore section of this Help.