Through our DNS Basic and Advanced Management in-person courses of, you can learn in detail, all you need to know about the Domain Name Server (DNS) English acronym Domain Name Server, so, each course includes theory and practice.


To present basic and advanced (DNS) management topics and their implementation in BIND v9, achieving thereby, a better DNS understanding, as well as creating infrastructure designs enabling greater failure resistance.


The courses have been designed to cover with practice each of the agenda's items, practices are carried out individually on computers with installed Linux and networked, all of them running with a BIND 9 server (or the latest stable version).


12 hours.


$9,000.00 M.N.
Discount to Educational Institutions.

For more information on registration process, send an email to pointing out the following information:

Name of the Participants
Title (Ing., Lic., etc.)
Course of your Interest
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Person, schedule and phone contact.
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