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A domain is an important part of the process necessary to establish your Internet business. The domain is an identifier to be used in the address of your Internet page or website becomes a tool to make known your brand and your Internet services.

It is noteworthy to mention that the domains are not registered trademarks, and as mentioned above, when a domain is registered you protect your name or your business name online, since no one else could use it, and performing this activity, you take the first step in establishing a business online.

To select the correct domain is essential for the marketing strategy that you have to make known your website, therefore it is important to register a domain that is easy to write, to remember and the most importantly to have it related to the name of your business or brand. The domain you use allows the Internet users to identify you and to make the difference from the competitors.

Most users locate a website for three main reasons:

a) Because they search it through an Internet search engine

b) Because they see it announced through advertising in any media

c) Because they try to find a site based on the name of a company, or on the name of one of the products of the factory.

For this reason it is advisable, besides registering the name of the company, registers the names of products and services offered, and beside variations of these names that may be related to the content of the site of the company or business is able to be registered.

For more than one domain registered, it is not necessary to register a page or website for each domain, because you can redirect traffic to a single site, which is the one introduced with relevant content for users.

In summary, the registered domain represents the identifier of your online business, so it is advisable it counts with the following characteristics:

- It must be it easy to remember.

- It must be easy to write.

- It must be related to the name of your company, brands, or names of products and services offered.

We hope this information has been of interest for you, any questions or additional comments please send them by Email to: help@akky.mx where we will be glad to assist on you.

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