Control Panel

When Transferring a domain name with us you obtain the following benefits:

Domain Ownership.

You have the opportunity to assign any one you decide as domain Holder (Registrant Contact). This assignment is carried out with the Transfer request.

Extension for a Coverage of 1 Free year.

When you transfer an domain an extra year of domain coverage is extended for you. You can consult the transfer fees here.

Additional Services.

a. Online PresenceThis service is useful if you want to have instant basic Internet presence. You can choose to activate the following options:

Email Forwarding
URL Forwarding
Web page template

b. SMS Alerts Through this service you will be notified by SMS messages when important changes are made to your domain name.

c. Advanced SecurityThis service protects your domain name from unwanted Updates, Transfers and Deletions.
See more information of Additional Services.

Other Benefits.

When transferring domains you could take advantage of our promotions and joint ventures which allow you to maximize the Online presence with the domain name that you transferred. See more benefits

Customized attention with trained personnel

Enables us to offer high quality at every moment when you interact with us.

Know our different contact means.

Know the different steps to transfer a domain so you are able to enjoy all of these benefits.
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