Change User

The change of Primary User related to a domain name can only be made by him/herself through our site or otherwise through the Registrant Contact through an authentication process.
In the home page "Customer Login" section, log in as Primary User. Once inside the Control Panel, go to the "Domains" Menu and in the "My Domains " section click on the "Change User" option and execute the steps listed below:

  • Select your domains.
  • In this step you select one or several Domain Names you wish to modify and click on “Continue”.

  • List to Modify.
  • We will display a list of the domain names you want to modify; if it is correct, press the “Continue" button.

  • Enable Management Operations.
  • If in the Security Level of your user account you have set "Enable Authorization Code" it will be necessary to make any changes that Akky send you an authorization code to the email account you have associated with your User, so you should click on the "Send to my email” button; once you get the code you should copy/paste it in the text box named "Code."

    If you have domains with the additional Advanced Security service, you will need to authenticate your identity. We will display the documents you need to send us on the screen for the modification requests to be enabled for those specific domain names.

    Once authenticated, we will email the authorization code to you so you can make all the modifications you want.

  • Verify the data.
  • The Name, State, Town, City and Country related to the new user you wish to associate to the domain name will be displayed on your screen; if the information is correct, click on the "Continue” button.

  • Updating Confirmation.
  • In this section you can verify the list of domain names that were successfully modified.

    Once you have made the corresponding change you can go back to the Control Panel or the list of Domains under your management and make any necessary modifications while your Control Panel session is enabled; once this is complete you should re-enable the Change of User option.

    Note: Domains that have the additional Advanced Security service will have to perform the Authentication process to carry out the change.