Accept Other User Permissions

In the home page "Client Login" section as the primary user and once inside the Control Panel go to the "Domains" Menu and in the "My Domains" section, click the "Accept permissions from others" option and perform the steps listed below:

  • Select your domains.
  • In this step select one or several domain names for which you want to have management permissions as Technical or Payment, and based on your authorization decision, click the "Accept” button; otherwise, press the “Reject" button.

  • Confirm Permissions.
  • We will display a list with the domain names you want to modify; if it is correct press the “Continue" button.

    When you accept or Reject permissions, we will send the notification by email to the user who designated it to you.

    Once the management permission designation is accepted by the Primary User, the latter can give you management permission to more domain names, of which we will inform you by email. Besides, we will list the domain names in the "My Domains” section indicating the management permissions you have.