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Find the tailored plan to your business, whether it is just to have a presence on the Internet, Email with the name of your domain or an online store, in Akky you have everything you need!
Your Website in minutes
$ 72 USD for 1 year
This service is perfect if you already have your Facebook page. Without technical knowledge you can create an amazing and professional site in minutes. Take advantage of its 50% promotional price! Valid until June 30, 2020.
Website ready to sell
$ 104 USD for 1 year
Sell your products and services in your own online store. With this tool it is very easy through a variety of beautiful template designs. Don't stop your business, sell now on the Internet! For introduction in the purchase of any plan we discount you the first 3 months.
Your email with your name or your business
$ 18 USD for 1 year
Temporary fee for introduction. Inspire trust with the people who do business with you. Today having a customized email is essential on a personal and professional level. Take advantage of the introduction fee!
You don't know which service is more convenient for you?
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Services for the administration of your Domain Names

Domain Services

DNS Personalizado
Custom DNS
Add DNS records related to your domain.
$ 12 USD per year
Alertas SMS
SMS Alerts
Receive notifications about the administration of your domain.
$ 3 USD per year
Seguridad Avanzada
Advanced Security
Increase the security level in the administration of your domain.
$ 10 USD per year
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Why choose Akky?

For our experience, personalized support, security and satisfaction

We have more than 30 years of experience in the management of domains and other Internet resources. We have a highly trained team ready to answer your questions, and the highest security standards for the protection of your data.
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Discover our content, digital services and the Internet

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Discover our content, digital services and the Internet



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In our June edition we give you some tips to help you position your SME on the Internet; We also talk about the #LeAtiendoPorInternet initiative and how it can help your business or project.



How to transform your Facebook page into a website? Learn how with our youtube video (in Spanish)!

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